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Welcome To My Home Page
Hi. For eleven years (at this writing) I've been a professional touring comedian. Besides headlining in clubs, campuses and nearly every drinking establishment in a 900-mile radius, I've also worked in local (Portland, Oregon) radio and contributed to National Lampoon.

Visit my Contact Page, why don't you, for booking information and tour dates. I'm available coast to coast.
About the Photo Page
If you're on a telephone modem, I apologize in advance for the slow download of my Photo Page. It's go-fix-yourself-a-sandwich slow.

But DO visit the page. I don't want to post my material on the web because it becomes de facto public property at that point, so the captions under the pictures are the only examples of wit that you're likely to find on this, a comedian's site. And a nice sandwich sounds good, too, doesn't it? Sure it does.

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