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Sharing some sights from the open road...
(while waiting for the page to load, please contemplate world peace)

And they've got pretty big dim sum, too.

No, honey, we're just gonna watch TV. Honest.

Perhaps the sign painter got a little french fried before work.

Never mind. We've got it on the security camera.

Okay, it's not a picture from the road, but Krapp toilet paper, you gotta love it.

Translation: Ash-N-Rocks (see also:Tacky-N-Inane).

What Baptists practice on before dunking real people.

The inevitable Green Acres backlash.

The only place that gets picked on by Farmer City.

And I thought that was my own private nickname.

Ah, the fine art of seduction.

It turns out that, if you're keeping a pet giant, this is where you buy its food.


All text and images copyright 2002, Keith Wallan